Reducing your carbon footprint, now at your fingertips

Small actions made by many can change the world. The Planet App is your sustainability coach, helping you reduce the emissions generated by your daily activity. It has never been easier to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle!

Join the challenge.



Calculate your carbon footprint

Discover the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your lifestyle.

Set goals

Create a plan to reduce your carbon footprint based on specific actions and new habits for your life.

Track your progress

You will find help to achieve your set goals and meet your commitments, evaluating regularly the progress that you have made.

Flights carbon budgeting

The airplane is one of the most polluting transport methods. The Planet App will assist you in managing a carbon budget for flights.

Find out your emissions and reduce them

Find out your emissions and reduce them

  • Calculate your carbon footprint in just a few minutes 

  • Get to know your emissions classified by categories

  • Compare your results with other users
  • Set up a customized sustainability plan

How can I reduce my carbon footprint?

Set up your sustainability plan by taking specific actions and changing daily habits.

Stand up against Climate Change! Choose every week what habits you will adopt and actions will perform and assess your progress.

You will see yourself advancing through the path towards sustainability!

Would you like to use The Planet App in your company or university RSC initiatives?

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