Powering the change towards a climate neutral economy through data and intelligence

We are building tools and connections between carbon data sources and users that help accelerating the transition towards a decarbonized economy


What we aim to do and why there is value into it


Our business model is based on:

  • Generating databases related with individual level carbon dioxide and other green house gas emissions
  • Selling this data under demand or per subscription to public authorities, environmental agencies, and companies
  • Also selling post-processing services that can help extracting more value from that data

Relevance of the value proposition:

  • Decisions are increasingly based on data
  • In climate change, data has only be used at macro level in the side of the generation of emissions, not in their allocation of their share to citizens
  • Governments and corporations will need to dive deeper in what happens in society with respect to greenhouse gas emissions in order to make the appropriate decisions
  • Carbon accounting and allocation at personal level is already relevant in order to stablish climate action policies. In the future it will increase relevance as we may see carbon taxes and budgets at personal level

How it works

carbon data marketplace

Our clients

Governments, public administrations, environmental and climate agencies

governments and carbon data

Local, regional, national governements and their respective climate change agencies need to back their decision making with respect to definition of urban planning and public transport policies, food, education, and understanding climate awareness of people.

Climate related observatories, think tanks, foundations and NGOs

NGOs and carbon data

All non government backed institutions that invest efforts in climate action, being think-tanks, non-for-profits enterprises of any kind, or others, in the need to identify actions with higher impact in terms of climate and to better define their strategies.

Corporate world, from retailers to brands and management consultants

corporates and carbon data

Corporates of different sizes and sectors that want to make decisions either for their operations of for their market strategy based on complementary carbon data, from understanding market trends to defining the location of their premises.


Some examples of data:

  • Footprint distribution in different population segments (per country, region, city, post code, age, gender, occupation, etc)
  • Footprint distribution among categories (home, transport, food, lifestyle)
  • Detailed footprint in subcategories (e.g.: electricity, heating, groceries, appliances, financial services, etc)
  • Footprint evolution along time

Post-processing services

Ways to work over this data: 

  • Correlation analysis among categories, subcategories and demographic attributes
  • Detection of quick wins for low carbon policies
  • Validation of action effectiveness
  • Intelligence for market entrance for low carbon products and services
  • Follow up of policy implementation effectiveness

    Where we come from and our MVP in progress

    The beginning of everything

    In June 2020 we launched our first product, The Planet App. Since then, we have seen a vast amount of similar apps that help users to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.

    The opportunity we detected

    • All these apps have different business models, having one thing in common: they all gather data related with users climate impact and induced emissions
    • Data related with emissions can be used in a complementary way to other data gathered in the apps, not cannibalizing other uses such as real time exchange of data for advertising
    • Exploiting carbon related data is not straightforward, as there is not well defined marketplaces
    • We realized about the high value of carbon related data for the future carbon economy

    Our MVP

    We have two projects currently sourcing carbon data for us:

    • The Planet App, which is an app that guides its users towards a low carbon lifestyle
    • A Carbon Footprint Observatory (www.cartografiacarbono.es) that we have established in Spain but we have plans to expand into other countries

    We have started building basic analysis over that data with results as those shown in this document

    We believe that we will be able to start selling data accompanied by post-processing services once we have increased data density in some areas, starting with Spanish authorities during 2021.