Cartografía Carbono 2020 – Final Report

Thanks to the many of you who decided to collaborate with us in our project Cartografía Carbono 2020, we have obtained some results that we believe are relevant in the fight against climate change. It includes the impact that gender, occupation, place of residence, or even the type of diet has on the carbon footprint on a personal scale. 

Cartografía Carbono 2020 final results

Did you know that the average emissions of the participants living in Spain are 5.5 tonnes CO2/year and that only 25% of them live below 3.5 tonnes CO2/year?

Now, all the data and information that we have learned about the carbon footprint of Spanish society is available for you to read. We hope this will not be only of your interest, but also helps to develop arguments that will allow us to fight climate change.

Plans for our 2021 edition

Our efforts to continue helping to educate society about climate change have not ended here. We have already launched the new edition of Cartografía Carbono.

We hope, in the current study, to reach many more people and extract more detailed information that will provide a deeper understanding of how to be more effective as a society in the fight against climate change.

It would be great for us to have your support again in the dissemination of the project, please do not hesitate to contact us at so that together we can define the best way to do it.