How much CO2 do we emit when we travel?

Perhaps you still don’t get the idea of how relevant transport is in terms of greenhouse emissions.

Where do all the emissions from transport come from?

1-Air travel.

Although air travel is usually sporadic (for most), the intensity in emissions of these makes them responsible for about half of the emissions of the average challenge participant. The aircraft represents globally only 2% of the total carbon footprint. That 2% is concentrated in the countries with the most economic possibilities.

2-Use of the vehicle

On average, approximately 25% of transport emissions are associated with the use of private vehicles.

3-Possession of private vehicle

But the use of the car is not the only source of emissions associated with the fact that the car exists. The production of a vehicle involves huge emissions, which in this case we will allocate to its owner and distribute among the several years of life that a vehicle has. 

What can we learn from this data that will help us emit less?

-Use the plane only when necessary and are distances that you can not do in another means, such as the train

– If you use the car, let it be accompanied

-Extending the life of your vehicle may be better for the planet than buying a new one even if it is more efficient

– Get on public transport, bike, or walk!