Km traveled, how much CO2 is emitted?

Sometimes it is impossible to choose between different types of transport in order to move from one place to another; sometimes there is an alternative, which does not have to be more comfortable or economical. We bring you the emission numbers of different means of transport when you use them, so you can make decisions being aware of the impact of the different alternatives.

Emissions per km travelled and per passenger

The CO2 emissions per passenger kilometer are very different depending on the means of transport we use, we list them from highest to lowest:

1-Domestic flight: 255 gr CO2/km/passenger

2-Medium-sized diesel car with a single occupant: 171 gr CO2/km/passenger

3-Long distance flight: 153 gr CO2/km/passenger

4-Bus: 105 gr CO2/km/passenger

5-Electric car with a single occupant: 53 gr CO2 / km /passenger (this depends on how the electricity used by the car has been produced)

6-Train: 41 gr CO2 / km / passenger (equally dependent on the origin of the electricity that supplies it)

In this link you can see more details and data.

As you know, mobility plays an important role when it comes to sustainability and especially climate change. The different alternatives can be extremely different, now that you have the data… You are the one who makes the decisions!