The planet ecosystem is suffering from getting adapted to the continuous growth of mankind’s population and its activity.

These are the founding pillars of The Planet App:

Personal responsibility, freedom, coherence. If you are worried about the planet then live coherently according to your worries. Do not blame others, begin with the change yourself, assume your share of responsibility. We are not perfect but our attitude is essential for our environmental commitment.

Of the mankind, for the mankind. Our mere existence carries an impact on the planet, but the planet makes no sense without us. Be happy, be reasonable, need less, choose right.

Inter-generation altruism. We do not know the consequences of climate change, but this does not matter in order to take care of where we live anyway. Make sure our descendants enjoy the mountains, the sea, the richness of wildlife and plants, and a cozy nature for a healthy life. There is no Planet B!

Education and information. Get to understand the current and future impact of your lifestyle. Base it on science and data, not on prejudices or slogans. Make well-founded life decisions.

We are powerful.  The World is changed by people with their votes and specially through their daily consumption choices. Choose what, how, how much, and from whom you consume things. Get empowered by your choices so more products and services become more sustainable every day. And it is with this view of the world that The Planet App is born in spring 2020.

Will you join the challenge?

Download The Planet App and start your path towards sustainability.