SAP Challenge User of the Week

User of the Week updated December 12th, 12:00 PM CEST


Learning about climate change

Let’s get to know Raquel a little:

Raquel is part of the Support team at Madrid office.

In total, she has managed to reduce her carbon footprint by 1.98 ton CO2eq/year, which is a 25% reduction in his original carbon footprint.

This reduction has been possible since she has completed a total of 23 habits so far in the challenge.

In addition to reducing her carbon footprint, she has expanded her knowledge about sustainability and climate change. She is one of the most advanced participants in the Fundamentals of Climate Change Level-1 course with a total of 57 solved pills out of 60 that are available. Overall she has answered a total of 393 questions, 92% of them answered correctly. 

All this commitment has had its reward, Raquel has been present in the two rankings that have been published.

Congratulations, for being a participant committed to the SAP Challenge and to the planet. You are already at level The Planet Hero!

Will you get to be the user of the coming week?