Sustainable summer kit, what do you need?

We want this summer to be the best of your life, and also in which you acquire habits that you will never lose to enjoy the sun and the wind in harmony with the environment.

That’s why we help you assemble your sustainable summer kit with a maxim: anticipate situations where single-use plastics and utensils cannot be avoided.

Get paper and pen!

1-A reusable cup is indispensable. In summer, if we spend a lot of time on the beach we will want to drink something, so having a reusable cup is important to avoid single-use utensils. We do not recommend that it be a glass cup because it can break and they are heavier. On the other hand, collapsible silicone or bamboo fiber ones are a very good option!

2- Be careful with the sunscreen you wear! Many of the creams contain ingredients that can pollute the sea. We recommend using eco-friendly creams that protect you and what surrounds you.  In the same way, if you find a good shadow that will be your best ally.

3- A set of bamboo cutlery and cloth napkins will help us replace any cutlery they give us in a restaurant if we order takeout. They can’t stay out of your kit!

4- Snacks: local and seasonal products, enjoy the rich and nutritious fruits that summer offers us: peaches, watermelon, melon, cucumber, cherry and tomato. Umm yummy!

5- Leave no trace, no matter where you go when it’s time to leave do not forget to pick up, clean everything and leave it as you found it or better. The best option for this is to always carry a garbage bag with you. Remember that to continue enjoying the wonders of nature we have to take care of it.

And voila! With these tips you are ready to have a sustainable summer. Share these tips with your family and friends, ah! and remember the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle.