We help companies generating awareness and educating in sustainability promoting climate action in your teams

Sustainability requires committed people. That’s why The Planet App helps corporates, NGOs and other institutions to reach in an effective manner their employees and teams, involving them in the challenge the climate change in an interactive, instructive, fun and with real impact manner.

Will you join The Planet App’s sustainability challenges?

Strategy and sustainability

Aligned with your strategy

Propose to employees and collaborators a challenge that fits with your corporate strategic priorities about sustainability


Generate awareness

Provide information related with the challenge as a way to start generating awareness about the relevance of climate action that can boost employee alignment

Team building

Engage them all

Pick predefined contents and adapt them to your needs, letting The Planet App to do the work of keeping them engaged in the challenge

Control panel

Monitor progress

Monitor how the challenge evolves thanks to a dashboard that will allow you managing users and seeing activity and impact metrics


Share results

Easily generate reports about participation and impact for your non financial reports. Organize a public event with prizes for participants

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Reach us, we will be pleased to share with you our success cases and explain you how easy is to launch a sustainability challenge within your company!

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