5 tips to avoid plastic on a daily basis

5 tips to avoid plastic

We are all aware of the problem of plastic pollution. When we want to make changes in our lifestyle and become more sustainable, normally the first step we take is trying to reduce this waste/material. 

Do you think this is something difficult or impossible to avoid? We have prepared some tips to put them into practice in a simple way.

1. Analyze your waste.

Yes, you have read it correctly. The first thing we advise you to do is to analyze the waste you generate on a daily basis. Why? You will see those containers or packagings that are repeated the most. Once you have done this, it is when you can start to make your plan of action.

2. Look for eco-friendly alternatives vs plastic

With the waste in front of you, think, “ how can i switch this for something more sustainable?”

For example, you are a person who generates a large number of plastic containers of packaged food. Your solution is easy: look for stores that sell in bulks and go shopping with your own containers, bags,…

Do you accumulate a lot of waste generated from hygiene and cleaning products? There are other alternatives such as shops that fill in your containers with shampoo, gel, detergent…

We also have those that don’t come wrapped in plastic like solid shampoo or even those users who make them themselves!

3. Get organized!

Key to success. Weekly planning your meals and groceries that you will consume will help you know what you need to buy and therefore look for those alternatives in establishments where you can get them without any wrapping. 

This will also help you avoid running from the office to get food  (we all do!) that is likely to come in containers or another problem ( SPOILER ALERT!) → waste food. 

Extra point for your emissions too ;)!

4. Zero waste kit

Although we are not talking about the zero waste movement right now, we can say that you can start with these steps to get into this world. 

This is the kit that everybody knows: cloth bags for our shopping, reusable water bottle, a reusable thermos/glass for coffee or tea, lunch box… Always have it ready to avoid using more plastic.

5. Be creative!

Reuse what you have at home. To avoid using plastic you don’t need to invest a lot of money.

An idea: do you have any clothes at home that you don’t want? Maybe some old sheets? Before you get rid of them, give them a second life. You can make the fabric bags to put the food you buy in bulk.

Another one: do you have some glass jars of the food that you have already used? Don’t throw them away. These will be useful to store them when you come back home from shopping.

6. Bonus tip! We are not perfect.

Something very important to have in mind. We’re making a transition to a more sustainable life, so we’re learning. If one day you forget something or you  have to consume plastic, don’t punish yourself. Next time you’ll remember that “mistake” for sure  and you will avoid it.

Soon you will become the master of the technique!