Why was The Planet App born?

There has been an increase in the concern about environmental issues in the last decades. The carbon footprint generated by our actions and habits in our lifestyle is causing global warming, therefore the society is concerned about the consequences that may have an effect in our planet. 

One of the most well-known causes of climate change and global warming is the increase of the greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activities such as transport, industries, or agriculture. 

Governments, public institutions, companies, and non governmental organizations now face the challenge of reducing these emissions. But, what about us, consumers? Our decisions accelerate any type of change. By changing our habits or consumption patterns such as transportation, the way we travel, the energy we consume, fashion, or even our diet or food choices we may have a great impact. 

Our mission is becoming your sustainability coach 

For all these reasons The Planet App is born with the mission of educating, informing, and being used as a tool for all these people that want to understand and reduce their carbon footprint. 

A platform to create a community with all the users that are committed to reducing their environmental impact. 

What will you find in the app?

  • Calculate your carbon footprint and discover the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your lifestyle.
  • Set goals and create a plan to reduce your carbon footprint based on specific actions and new habits for your life.
  • You will find help to achieve your set goals and meet your commitments, evaluating regularly the progress that you have made.

Will you join our challenge? #notmyemissions